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Your rights - our duties

Clients who come into the focus of the law enforcement authorities are from this point on noticeably confronted with state power and all its possibilities, including the comprehensive monopoly on the use of force.

All procedural and defence rights to which the accused is entitled must be asserted by the defence lawyer in a fearless and unyielding manner, regardless of the phase of the proceedings. As specialised defence lawyers, we fight aggressively and always with a sense of proportion for your rights nationwide!

Our Practices & Services

The cooperation of the lawyers of the supra-local law firm Dr. jur. Stephan Prinz M.A. & Goran Bronisch in different areas of expertise leads to innovative legal solutions for our clients.

If you have come under the gaze of the law enforcement authorities, guilty or innocent, you need to contact a competent lawyer as soon as possible.

In the early phase of the investigation proceedings, the defence is most promising.

We will show you the possibilities of a promising defence in an initial assessment.

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Criminal Law


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Criminal Law

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Criminal Law

Criminal Law

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