Dr. jur.
Stephan Prinz M.A.

Attorney at Law and Specialist Attorney for Criminal Law

Master of Criminology and Police Science

E-Mail: prinz@pbclaw.de
Emergency Call: +49 (0)173 - 537 24 44


As a specialist lawyer for criminal law, attorney Dr. Prinz has special certified knowledge and experience in the field of criminal law.

As part of the successful completion of the Master’s degree programme in Police Science and Criminology, Attorney Dr. Prinz has studied the work and attitude of the ‘other side’ over a long period of time as part of a course of study that usually serves as a qualification for particularly qualified police officers and investigators.

This knowledge enables Dr. Prinz to understand the way of thinking, the goals and the next investigative steps of the prosecuting authorities. He has studied the actions of the criminal prosecution authorities, especially with regard to investigative tactics and possibilities, and successfully demonstrated his knowledge of this in the context of his Master’s examination.


Successful criminal defence today requires specialisation in criminal law and its subtleties. In addition, many years of experience, perseverance, intrepidity paired with the necessary sense of proportion lead to success.

Practice Area

His legal services focus on property offences and narcotics law (BTMG) as well as criminal tax law and white-collar crime.


German, English, Dutch


1991 - 1998

Study of law, Ruhr-University-Bochum


First State Examination in Law, Judicial Examination Board, Düsseldorf


Second state Examination in Law, Higher Regional Court, Düsseldorf

1998 - 2002

Collaboration in the law firm Menold and Aulinger, Essen

2000 - 2002

Research associate and assistant at the chair of Prof. Klaus F. Röhl, Faculty of Law, Ruhr University Bochum


Admission to the bar by the Bar Association, Düsseldorf


Establishment of the law firm Dr. jur. Stephan Prinz M.A. in Essen-Rüttenscheid


Award of the academic title Dr. iur. by the Faculty of Law, Ruhr-University-Bochum


Acquisition of the degree Master of Criminology and Police Science at the Faculty of Law, Ruhr-University-Bochum


Acquisition of the title of specialist attorney for criminal law, Bar Association Hamm


Member of the examination board of the Master's programme in Criminology and Police Science at the Faculty of Law, Ruhr-University-Bochum


Takeover of the Lindemann criminal defence law firm in Gelsenkirchen