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Regardless of whether this starts with a search, an interrogation at the police or public prosecutor’s office, a seizure or detention, it requires professional criminal defence!

The specialised and determined lawyers of our supra-local law office will accompany you every step of the way and advise you in a committed and effective manner.

There is nothing that can be compared to the situation of an unexpected imprisonment.

Those affected often try to get out of this stressful situation by explaining themselves. In doing so, they may misjudge the task of the officers investigating them.

Careless words can then severely limit the options for action for defence lawyers and possibly even deepen the suspicion against someone.

Therefore: Silence is golden! Only the lawyer should talk.

Precautions can be taken even before a preliminary investigation to prevent further action.

Especially in the area of the tax code or competition law, dangers lurk that can prevent the worst through early intervention.

Would you like an analysis of your field of activity and would you like to act in a legally compliant manner?

Call us and we will arrange a non-binding meeting.

You have been made aware of an investigation against you or persons in your company or family?

The next step can be decisive.

Do not hesitate to call us!

Those who are the focus of proceedings should never give up.

The strategy of investigating authorities is aimed precisely at wearing down the person concerned and not infrequently builds on internal abandonment.

Here at PBC LAW, a professional team of defence lawyers – if necessary with specialists from other fields – can provide the protection that is urgently needed.

And that at every stage of the proceedings.

A search warrant is not the authorities’ weapon to do everything and take everything.

There are limits to this. Those affected should only have to endure these limits, and the entire behaviour in the case of such encroachments on fundamental rights, at the side of experienced lawyers.

It is important to hold one’s ground and protect the client – with all one’s might.

The judicial examination of witnesses is evidence of great importance in criminal proceedings.

It can even be all the much more forcefully.

Those who find themselves in an interrogation situation with experienced officials often become their game balls and are often defenceless in the face of the psychological games played by several opponents. Witnesses often do not realise their rights, which are usually explained to them in a very abbreviated way at the beginning.

This does not necessarily have to be the case. Instead of surrendering, the advice can only be to get a professional on your side.

Everyone, whether accused or witness, ALWAYS has the right to have his lawyer at his side. Always!

We advise companies and enthusiasts on investments in old and youngtimers.

In doing so, we examine the price development on the international car market and can ensure with highly specialised appraisers and forwarding agents that “The Dream Car” successfully finds its new owner.

Today, more than a few years ago, companies are seemingly helpless in the face of attacks from the press and the internet.

It not infrequently takes months or years to counter bad publicity or a “shitstorm” in order to avert reputational damage to the company or certain leaders.

Here, it is not only the sword of the law with the right and effective motions and lawsuits that is needed.

Good press relations with excellent contacts on the floor of the editors-in-chief can prevent the worst or mitigate it appropriately.